Organization of first creative camp ongoing

For artists

The primary task of the Miklós Barabás Centre is setting up creative camps and workshops for talented young people involved in the sphere of activities of the Foundation, and who – setting out from Eastern Europe – can prove their talents and aptitude at a later date, even in front of a European audience taken in the wider sense. With the conclusion of renovation work we have started organizing the first such creative camp, which may be arranged in autumn 2014. We are looking for young writers and journalists in Romania and Hungary who are ready to participate in an experiment, in the course of which the events of Dalnic/Dálnok will be processed. The task is partly historical, since this Háromszék settlement has associations with numerous famous historical figures, and partly literary, indeed sociological. We trust that the combined literary output of the creative minds invited to Dalnic/Dálnok will provide a historical, sociological or literary answer to the questions of why so many outstandingly capable personalities were born in this village, and how these people came to enrich the history and everyday life of the settlement. According to our plans, camp participants will come from Romania and Hungary, and the Foundation curators and other invited guests will be on hand to assist them as mentors and speakers during the week spent together. We will provide more details about the camp later.  


We unveil plaque to the memory of Miklós Barabás

The ceremonial unveiling of a memorial plaque to...